EarthWise Pet Supply East Village   1051 Market St  San Diego,CA92101   (619) 359-8805
EarthWise Pet Supply East Village
1051 Market St
San DiegoCA 92101
 (619) 359-8805

Our Grooming Spa

We Are The Best Groomers
We take the greatest pride in offering the highest-quality pet grooming services in San Diego. Our award-winning groomers are passionate in their craft, committed to excellence, and responsive to each and every pet owner s desires. Because we groom only one pet at a time, you don t have to worry about your fur-baby being caged for extended periods of time, like in other grooming mills (Yuk!) We offer cage-free grooming and use only the highest quality products that will leave your pet happy, chemical-free, and beautiful! We are also the only grooming provider that allows you to book appointments automatically online! (See below!) How convenient is that!?

Online Booking Instructions

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Our Grooming Services:

Dog Bath

Includes a Blueberry Facial, Gentle Ear Cleaning and Deodorizer, Ear Hair Plucked (applicable breeds only), Oxygen-Infused Cleansing Bath, Leave-in Coat Conditioner, Nail Trim, Blow Dry, and Brush Out.

Dog Touch Up Groom

This Maintenance Groom includes everything offered in our Bath plus a Face Trim, Feet Trim, and Sanitary Trim. Perfect for in between Full Grooms. This does not take off length of the entire coat.

Dog Full Groom

Includes everything offered in our Bath, plus a Haircut of your choice. This includes clips like a Trim All Over, Shave Down, Puppy Cut, Standard Breed Groom, etc,.

Wash Your Own Pet!

For those of you who want to bathe your own pups (or kitties!), we have the most accommodating and accessible self-wash tubs available anywhere! Customers who have tried other self-wash facilities tell us their experience at our store is so much easier and convenient. Walk-up ramps, easy tethering, automated shampoo & rinse systems, and pre-set water and dryer temperature settings allow you to bathe your pet in a fraction of the time of hand bathing!