EarthWise Pet Supply East Village   1051 Market St  San Diego,CA92101   (619) 359-8805
EarthWise Pet Supply East Village
1051 Market St
San DiegoCA 92101
 (619) 359-8805

Our Grooming Salon

We Are The Best Groomers
We take the greatest pride in offering the highest-quality pet grooming services in San Diego. Our award-winning groomers are passionate in their craft, committed to excellence, and responsive to each and every pet owner s desires. Because we groom only one pet at a time, you don t have to worry about your fur-baby being caged for extended periods of time, like in other grooming mills (Yuk!) We offer cage-free grooming and use only the highest quality products that will leave your pet happy, chemical-free, and beautiful! We are also the only grooming provider that allows you to book appointments automatically online! (See below!) How convenient is that!?